Monday, March 2, 2009

How To Improve Your Memory ???

Memory is very important aspect in our life. In fact, we all want to have all the memory about our life if possible.

I have read a book about "How to improve your memory" fifth edition by Ron Fry. You can find this interesting book at our library. This is the best book I have read ever. I was attracted by the author’s introduction about this book. It is something like telling us about our life and our memories. In this book, Ron Fry teaches us how to improve our memory by activity. It is fantastic because if we attend any seminar on improve the memory power, it will cause us lots of money and time, and most of them are really boring. But by doing activities in this book, we can know about our memory power and how to improve it. This book has truly helped me a lot in improving my memory. So what you all must do is go to our library to get this book and read it.

Thank You

Title : "How to improve memory" fifth edition
Author : Ron Fry

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