Monday, March 30, 2009

The importance of English grammar.

Since we having few English coursework now, a particular article caught attention, that is "The importance of English grammar". According to the article, "It is necessary for us to start a writing particularly English writing with the correct usage of grammar. English speaking alone is not the only factor for you to achieve your dreams in life as you need to write an application letter if you are applying for a certain job.".

The article also said, "However, if you don’t have much time spending lessons for English from a typical school. You have much time engaging yourself in the net, enroll yourself in some of the available English schools in the net where it still provides you how the correct usage of English grammar is properly use."

In my opinion, it is very fact and many people realised it.But many people just don't have the power in English grammar. Particularly, in Malaysia, we all are about average when it's come to speaking in English, but when comes to writing, we are worst. I think this might have caused by our education system that doesn't give enough attention to the English itself. But I am glad that now the government does. Hopefully, our Malaysian's English grammar will improve significantly in coming years.

Last but not least, "When you are a person having a good communication in English from both in writing and speaking, there would be a lot of admirer. "

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